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Auss Global Study

We wish to introduce ourselves as an Education Consultant based in SYDNEY, Australia established in 2013 . Auss Global Study currently in its 5th year of operation has emerged as a fastest growing Education Consultancy. We counsel students with a focus based on their academic performance, aptitudes, personality and special interest, while guiding and advising them on various options and academic pathways for them to achieve their educational objectives. Our services include placement, documentation, visa application and on-going support. It caters to the ultimate goal of providing customer satisfaction and welfare of both the students as well as the business associates. Our growing number of clients reflects our dedication in providing them the best services. As the representative of the top institutions throughout the Australia, New Zeland , United Kingdom, Canada , AGS carries the image and prospect of the respective institute. Our excellent service standards and counseling methodology are the reasons why clients choose to engage with us. We welcome you to visit us at Auss GlobalStudy – Global Partner for world Education !

Today, as the world moves towards a more unified whole – Global Education is fast becoming the norm. Your college experience will be filled with new beginnings, academic opportunities and MEETING NEW FRIENDS from around the country and world. However, the transition can be overwhelming as you’ll be faced with selecting courses from hundreds of choices, over 3000 colleges to choose from, lengthy applications and daunting essays to write, many students need guidance. At Auss Global Study, we can guide you through the process to ensure that it is an enjoyable and organized one.

From the first meeting to the time of decision letters, Auss Global Study can effectively guide you through the application process to help obtain individual goals. Auss Global Study with its experience is able to factor in variables such as Course Contents, Reputation, Location, Safety, Cost, Social Life, Business and Job opportunities etc. which cannot be ascertained by merely reviewing websites and brochures. Auss Global Study has been committed to facilitating a personalized match between a student and his/her future college. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows Auss Global Study to recommend a college best suited to the strengths and interests of the student.

In addition, Auss Global Study prides itself on being current with admission trends and application policies. This insight is invaluable to students as they make decisions about their future. Most of our counsellors have either studied abroad or visited the Universities abroad enabling them to impart first-hand knowledge to the prospective students.


Education is the building block of human experience. It is not just an integral part of your professional life but greatly influences your overall personality. Our three-fold mission is that of ‘Mentoring’ the youth of this country to dream, ‘Motivating’ them towards greater hopes and aspirations and ‘Guiding’ them on the right track to realize those ambitions. We at Auss Global Study are with you every step of the way to make the best choices to enhance your inherent talents.



We continuously strive to bring the most comprehensive courses and colleges in your destination of choice. We aim to create a network of counsellors and alumni to understand and guide you in a constructive way. Our vision is to be your preferred destination to help you on your way to get wings to soar high in life.



Every individual is unique. Our counsellors across our centres use this as their guiding mantra to evaluate and give you the best options available in the Global Education sector.


The goals in order to achieve the above

Auss Global Study provides a service for intending students in order to achieve their educational goals keeping in mind their individual needs and future aspirations. We provide our clients who intend to be students in Australia, Newzeland or any other country with free counselling keeping in mind their needs to assist them shape their own future. AGS in its overseas offices will endeavour to provide students with specialised IELTS training to help them meet their education or migration requirements vis-a-vis English. We ensure proper procedures are in place to protect its clients from unscrupulous agents, ensuring proper client education vis-à-vis their rights and revenues for appeals if they have been caught out by unscrupulous agents.